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What you should know about us!

The "Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg e.V." (VSW-BW – Baden-Württemberg Association for Security in Industry and Commerce) has been the security partner of industry, commerce and public bodies for over 40 years.

Industrial security is a precious commodity, which is all too often sorely missed only when undetected dangers or risks perceived as being minimal end up interrupting a company’s business, resulting in costs and possible damage to its image.
Dr. Hanns Martin Schleyer, now of Daimler AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, BBC AG, EADS Germany GmbH, SEL AG, IBM Germany, and the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognised this in 1968 and founded the Registered Society for Industrial Security (Landesstelle für Betriebsschutz – LfB), the first association of this type in Germany. In 1987 the Registered Society for Industrial Security (LfB) was renamed the “Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg e.V.” (VSW-BW Baden-Württemberg Association for Security in Industry and Commerce). This was not simply a “cosmetic name change” but was instead intended to align the association with the other registered associations – which had since been formed – and which hat amalgamated themselves into the “Consortium for Security in Industry and Commerce, Berlin” (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sicherheit der Wirtschaft – ASW) together with the other leading confederations, such as the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA), Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).

Over and above providing information, it was, and indeed still is, the fundamental role of the Consortium for Security in Industry and Commerce (ASW) to represent the interests, in terms of security, of German industry and commerce at a Federal level in politics, the media, the legislature and vis à vis the central state security authorities in Germany.

The statutory purpose of the non-profit VSW-BW is “…to advise and support industrial and commercial organisations and public bodies in all security matters, which are important for industry und commerce…”
We are there to help with security…

The VSW-BW fulfils its statutory role with:

1. Training, further Education, Seminars

Even when the Regional Office for Industrial Security (LfB) was set up, it was recognised that there were benefits, in terms of cost and quality, in running a common training and further education programme in security. By running an industrywide training and further education programme in security, it was possible, in addition to making targeted cost-savings, to ensure consistent standards of quality in the training courses and seminars and to procure the finest experts, both in terms of knowledge and training, from the member organisations and security bodies.

“Training and further education”, now as then, is at the very heart of the VSW-BW. The Association receives income from the low membership fees but is essentially funded by its training courses and seminars. It is therefore the main objective of the association to offer up-to-date courses and seminars, which are run by the very best specialist training experts. If required, the Association is also able to provide in-house training courses, the content of which can be adapted to the specific requirements of the client, and this saves the travel and accommodations costs of those attending or the employees of the company.

For this reason, the VSW-BW is the only security association and one of the few training institutions to have a DIN EN 9001-certified quality management system in place. The QM-system ensures that the same highly qualified level of training and further education is offered throughout all courses and seminars.

The recognition that outside of normal working hours large manufacturing plants and administrative buildings, containing an enormous value of materials and assets, are often left in the sole custody of a security guard, led in 1982 to the creation of the further education examination “Certified Security Officer” (CCI), which was replaced in 2006 by the “Certified Safety and Security Officer” (CCI). Since 1994 the VSW-BW has been offering the demanding further education course, which culminates in a diploma as a “Security Master” and since 2003 has been offering the course to become a “Certified Master of Security and Safety” (CCI). Over a period of two years, over around 1000 hours of study, the Master students gain an in-depth specialist knowledge of works security, law, control, psychology, industrial medicine, health and safety protection at the workplace.

2. Consultation and Analysis
The Association staff can also provide members and non-members with support in security-related issues if required. Although short consultations are free of charge, companies and bodies can obtain more extensive analysis very cheaply and also have the assurance that they will be receive neutral and objective advice from specialist staff. Consultations are carried out either by Association staff or by expert staff within VSW member companies. The range of consultations, in the form of an analysis of security and weaknesses, includes all “safety” and “security” issues as well as fire and catastrophe protections measures.

3. Security information
The VSW-BW constantly receives and procures up-to-date security information, which is evaluated and sorted according to urgency and recipients. If time is of the essence, information from member organisations, the Consortium for Security in Commerce (ASW) or the security authorities, police, State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) and the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) is immediately sent out by fax or e-mail to around 270 member companies affected and is also inputted into the public section of the VSW-BW website or database, or alternatively only into the section accessible by members.
The regular free-of-charge information service for members consists on the one hand of the “WIK – Zeitschrift für Wirtschaft, Kriminalität und Sicherheit” (Magazine for Business, Crime and Security) and the “KES – Zeitschrift für Kommunikations- und EDV-Sicherheit” (Magazine of Communications and IT-Security); the VSW-BW also reports on regional issues and findings via the “VSW-aktuell” (VSW news), which is published every two month, depending on the numbers and newsworthiness of events. Information on security and seminars can be accessed at all times via our website www.vsw-bw.com.

Knowledge and experience is swapped between members via regional and inter-regional so-called “Experience Groups” (ERFA Groups), who meet several times a year to discuss security-related issues and swap experience and findings. Over and above visits to other companies, specialist speakers are also invited to the ERFA Groups to hold talks and lectures on security-related topics, such as fighting against commercial spying.

The aforementioned core work of the Association is an indication that the VSW-BW serves to provide an important link between the security authorities and the world of commerce and industry. The issues and work which the VSW-BW deals with are almost always explosive and up-to-the-minute relevant and we experience on a daily basis how necessary it is – for you too – to deal with security-related issues and problems.

Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft
Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Karl Stefan Schotzko
P.O. Box 50 11 43
70341 Stuttgart

Daimlerstraße 71
70372 Stuttgart (Bad Cannstatt)

Tel.: +49 (0) 711 / 95 46 09 -0
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Web: www.vsw-bw.com
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